You’re invited to the launch of The Song Centre, 3.00pm Wednesday 6th July at Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, as part of The Langton Festival of Music & Health.

The Langton Song Centre’s mission is to unite our society through song and music. It is our ambition to dispel the myth that certain people can’t sing. In doing so we aim to rewrite the rule book and restore our nation’s confidence in the power of their own voice. The human voice was used for expression long before the invention of instruments, and all melodic instruments learn from the human voice. Singing is a natural, powerful and positive way to express ourselves and connect with those around us.

The Song Centre is a resource for people everywhere, of all ages and from all walks of life. We believe that we have the experience and expertise to offer a wide range of services that will appeal to everyone. We wish to create a hub of knowledge, skills, resources, enthusiasm and support for anyone wishing to use music as a way of improving physical and mental well-being for themselves or in their local community.

We are committed to spreading the word about the benefits of singing, and we aim to be the first port of call for anyone who wants to know more. Say you have a burning desire to start a choir in your village, it is our hope that you would head to our website for resources and ideas for your first rehearsal. Or perhaps you are already running a choir and you just need some great ideas to keep things fresh and engaging. We have songs and resources that can help you.

Perhaps the patients at your local hospice would benefit from some music workshops, we are available to give you advice on how to go about it from our own first-hand experiences. Or maybe you are involved in the care sector and know of some elderly or disabled people who would enjoy a visit from a choir or a regular sing-a-long session. We aim to put you in touch with just the people you are looking for.

You may be a teacher, who believes, like us at the Langton, that your students should understand the power of music in enhancing the care of people suffering with Dementia or Parkinson’s. Come to us for advice on how to go about building relationships with local organisations, to provide you with resources and to help your students bridge the generation gap with elderly people in care homes.

Perhaps you are looking for tips and advice on how to get boys singing in your school. Langton students have themselves embarked on research projects to discover how singing not only motivates and inspires them, but which songs are most likely to get boys on their feet and joining in. Our website has the most up to date, tried and tested favourites – straight from the boys themselves.

We are currently running workshops with local specialist schools, including close links with the RNIB. We hope that our experiences might encourage other schools and independent musicians to make links with specialist schools and use their amazing skills to engage and immerse people with physical and mental disabilities in the joys of music.

There is a flip side to this; you may be doing all of this already! In which case, we want to hear from you! Let us know, upload your own tried and tested resources to our website and let other’s benefit from your expertise and enthusiasm.

Music is key to well-being; let’s spread the word!!

Meet the Team:

Emily Renshaw-Kidd (Director of Music at the Langton)
Emily leads a vibrant department of extra-curricular music at The Langton, along with her teaching duties from KS3 through to A Level. Her special passion can be found in directing choirs including the school Chamber Choir who perform in concerts and competitions around the country. Emily is a highly respected mezzo-soprano soloist and she regularly performs in concerts across Kent.

Lucy Gove (Song Centre Co-cordinator and Music Teach at the Langton)
Lucy is a music specialist, delivering music education to both primary and secondary schools as well as training teachers at Canterbury Christ Church University and Soundhub (Kent Music). She is particularly proud of her links with the Canterbury City and Rural Primary schools. Lucy teaches music at Wickhambreaux CE Primary and The Langton.

Richard Navarro-Pollott (Music Teacher at the Langton Singer/Song-writer)
As well as teaching music at The Langton, Richard is a modern folk singer and songwriter. He tours with musical greats such as Joan Armatrading and his work is played on BBC Radio 6 music as well as Radio 2. Richard takes the folk traditions of melody and storytelling and supercharges them through live looping and improvisation.

Dr. Sam Bailey (Music Teacher at the Langton and Improvisation Specialist)
Sam Bailey is an improvising pianist and composer equally at home in the world of contemporary music or jazz. Sam has a PhD in improvised music and runs a successful series of weekly improvised and experimental music, film and poetry events called Free Range.

Kim Collman (Music Administrator)

Kim’s official role is the Arts Event Manager and Administrator, but she also runs a very successful Arts Awards programme. As an experienced Jazz singer she encourages students to try different genres of music and provides them with the opportunity to play in a range of small ensembles.

Langton Music Department

(Left to Right: Lucy, Emily, Kim, Sam, Richard)